PHCEid Website Design


Whenever somebody starts a new company, there is a lot of thought that goes not only into branding but the overall flow of a website. This is exactly where we started with PHCEid; answering questions such as “who are we, what is our future, who are our clients” was essential. Since PHCEid is creating something entirely new in the industry, we had to make sure that every visitor of the website understands the mission and the benefits of PHCEid in an instant.
In addition, PHCEid wanted to offer products for purchase for registered members only.


The website for PHCEid is tailored to licensed Professionals in the Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical industry. Clear messages and a video explain what PHCEid is all about. In addition, we created a custom Ecommerce flow with a specific admin approval process. Contractors can register as members and enjoy certain benefits. We were able to hide the shop for registered/active members only.


  • WordPress Platform
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Dynamic Menu
  • Easy to manage 'create yourself' framework



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